Condo Inspections


In the past,  many believed condo-style apartment buildings were at low risk for moisture-related damage and we are often asked if an inspection should be done when purchasing a condo unit.  Our response is … Absolutely,  Many condo buildings have design features and lack attention to maintenance, which can result in very costly repairs for its owners.    Unfortunately,  many home inspectors do not look at any of the building common areas and only inspect inside the unit itself.

We specialize in condo inspections and spend about the same amount of time on the outside of the unit as we do inside.  Our detailed inspection provides valuable insight on the building’s exterior-cladding and common area systems.       

As part of our condo inspection,  we look at the roof, plumbing, electrical, structure.  We look at the building mechanical systems, your out-of-suite storage lockers and parking spaces.    Due to time and access limitations,  we are not able to perform a full building-envelope inspection,   we do however, look at exterior wall cladding & flashing details and report accordingly.   From there we go into the unit and do a room-by-room inspection and run the appliances.  We also perform a gas-leak-detection-test at all gas-fired appliances and scan for moisture at shower enclosures and exterior walls (from the inside).

 Note:  roof & mechanical rooms inspected only when we are given access.

We perform condo inspections in the cities of Vancouver,  Richmond,  Ladner,  Delta,  White Rock,  Surrey  and  Abbotsford  BC

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